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Hey there, let me tell you about “The Definitely Maybe Project” – a brainchild that popped into my head back in my college days when my friends started taking the plunge into married life. I always wondered how perspectives on love and marriage change over the years, and now, after a bunch of years and a lot of hustle, I’ve made it a reality. Here’s the deal: every year, no matter if you’re hitched, dating, flying solo, or even uncoupling, you fill out this fun questionnaire. We’re talking thoughts on marriage, partnership, and singlehood – the whole shebang.

And guess what? It’s not just about you; the stories and insights that come out of this project will be pure gold for anyone who reads them. Oh, and don’t stress – you can totally bail out whenever you want. Your answers? Well, they can be incognito too, if you want some undercover, pseudonym action.

So, join the party – “The Definitely Maybe Project” is all ears, ready to catch your thoughts on love as they grow and change, no strings attached.

The Questionnaire